Use a Mobile-First strategy to receive unlimited benefits

Corporate communications and marketing have drastically evolved over time. The days of mail delivery by animals and person-to-person interaction gave way to billboards, telephones, and then email—which is now being overtaken by contextual, personalized web-based promotions. The next development push points to mobile-based marketing.

This evolution is primarily due to the rapid adoption of internet technologies. “Nearly half of the global population (7.2 billion currently) will be using the internet by the end of this year [2015]…and there will also be more than 7 billion Mobile Device Subscriptions” says a new report from The International Telecommunication Union. The usage of mobile devices by Millennials and Generation Y has triggered a digital disruption and business transformation across all industries. Additionally, devices are increasingly getting connected and consumers are demanding better digital customer experiences.

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Living in the Age of Digital Transformation

Exciting times lay ahead as system of records and engagement are digitally transformed!

Organizations in all industries are undertaking digital transformation as their mandate in order to sustain and excel in the future. Digital transformation is the re-alignment or new investment in both technology and business models to improve the effectiveness of digital engagement of consumers, employees and citizens at every touch point.

Digital transformation is not just a strategy that’s nice to have—it is necessary in order to reach tech-savvy users of current and future generations, who will grow and mature over the years as they experience hands-on engagement with digital, mobile, cloud and social platforms.

The following scenarios illustrate how people of all ages are experiencing rapid digital transformation across a wide array of everyday experiences, and provide some insight into how industries are adapting in order to serve their customers better.

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Hello, this is your cloud speaking

I have been exceptionally busy lately making the world a smarter place, but  I wanted to take these few minutes during the IBM Digital Experience 2015 Conference to tell you about my role in helping organizations capture new customers, transform businesses and trigger innovation. I hope you’ve registered and are participating in this conference to learn, network, expand horizons and take away actionable insights.

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