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Don’t Discriminate Customer Support or Customer Experience!

Is there a point in mindlessly babbling about “Superior Customer Experiences” when brands don’t serve all segments of customers equally?

I do understand the concepts of customer segmentation, differential pricing and need for premium value for premier customers etc.

Products, Pricing, Promotion, Placements and other factors can be differentiated based on the value brands gain in return. But brands cannot show discrimination in service aspects like “Customer Support” and “Customer Experience”. This will only produce detrimental results while sustaining growth.

We witness “First time flyers” and “Economy class flyers” at Airports are made to wait in queues whereas “Frequent flyers” and “Business class flyers” are expedited through counters without wait time. This is understandable as it is a result of mutual value exchange.

But a Telecom service provider discriminating pre-paid and post-paid mobile subscribers by removing access to “Customer Tele-Support Executives” for the former category is something that needs to be better understood.

The pre-paid customers aren’t taking free rides from telecom companies. They pay for what they use and just don’t commit to pay fixed monthly charges.

Below are some questions that come to my mind.

Do these brands explicitly quote their “right to refuse service” before acquiring such differentiated customers?

Aren’t their flaunted customer experience programs capture these point of views and report back?

Are there not any regulatory boards that inspect these promises frequently to ensure compliance?

I am not sure, if this is the same case with B2C service providers in your regions as well. I am keen to learn from your experiences on similar service discrimination.

P.S. I am a Post-Paid Mobile Customer.

You have been Commoditized! Now, what you have to say about that?

It was not long time before we started adopting social technologies to explore, connect, communicate and make a real-good use of the time and effort went in.

  • Some make money, Some gain knowledge, Some connect with people
  • Some establish leadership, Some increase mere pride

Regardless of the purpose, soon enough, we realize, We, “The Users” have become commodities in the very same market we operate in 🙂  Continue reading You have been Commoditized! Now, what you have to say about that?

Don’t Let “Experience” Be the Spoilsport in Your Customer Acquisition and Retention Plan

While I was not yet fully recovered from a recent move into a house near my office, I had to kick-start a linear array of daunting tasks to transfer my internet, telephone and cable television accounts to the new address.

 It took four business days for my existing internet service provider to confirm that service coverage was not available in the new location.

  • Another service provider that offered coverage in my area for internet didn’t even bother to check if I needed cable service as well. I had to make two parallel follow-ups over a week’s time to get these two connections set up from the very same new provider.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, a customer service associate from one of the region’s leading credit card service providers followed up with me about my online application for a new card, submitted on their website form a year ago! What upset me further was they didn’t even realize that I have been a customer all the while.

 These related scenarios made me realize that many organizations have yet to utilize the right technology to provide a good customer experience. Let’s look at a few ways they could improve that experience.

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