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Piloting Your Digital Transformation with IBM DX on Cloud

Growth of businesses in future will depend on how early they adopt Digital Transformation today. How soon businesses become digital enterprises by empowering Line of Business Executives with easy-to-use, platforms without total reliance on IT resources and subsequent delays will determine their ability to crowd-source collective intelligence, innovate and adapt newer business models, reach to market faster.

With direct say and influence in deciding IT budgets for innovating within business functions, today LOBs have the key to secure competitive advantage for their organizations. LOBs can now look at cloud-based plug & play internal and customer facing business platforms that easily integrate with core enterprise automation systems to support business growth.

Be it On-Prem or Cloud or Managed services, LOBs have a variety of delivery models in swiftly automating business processes, integrating business functions and capture value for organizations.

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Living in the Age of Digital Transformation

Exciting times lay ahead as system of records and engagement are digitally transformed!

Organizations in all industries are undertaking digital transformation as their mandate in order to sustain and excel in the future. Digital transformation is the re-alignment or new investment in both technology and business models to improve the effectiveness of digital engagement of consumers, employees and citizens at every touch point.

Digital transformation is not just a strategy that’s nice to have—it is necessary in order to reach tech-savvy users of current and future generations, who will grow and mature over the years as they experience hands-on engagement with digital, mobile, cloud and social platforms.

The following scenarios illustrate how people of all ages are experiencing rapid digital transformation across a wide array of everyday experiences, and provide some insight into how industries are adapting in order to serve their customers better.

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