senthiljee - business Card - Front

My Brand New Personal Identity

My latest pursuit of a Doctoral Degree creates lot of avenues for me to subscribe and receive trend updates, connect with academicians and fellow researchers. I realized the need of having a Business Card printed for me. Lately, exchanging contact details over a missed call, SMS or an email has been the trend. But you can’t do that with people at all levels. Exchanging business card does make a lot of impact as it represents trustworthiness, also it could travel anywhere beyond our reach and imagination.

Hence I started mulling over the thought of designing & printing a business card for me. The evolution of digital and internet platforms is showering benefits for even traditional printing companies. Printers invest in digital media for advertising their services and have created platforms for facilitating consumers online. Soon, I was receiving targeted advertisements in my mailbox, facebook and any other web pages I surfed from printers like Staples, Printo and Vistaprint.

Having finally decided to go ahead with the idea took design help from one of my friends and printed this card with Staples in Bangalore. I am

Take a look at my new personal identify and let me know your suggestions.

senthiljee - business Card - Front
senthiljee – business Card – Front
senthiljee - business Card - Back
senthiljee – business Card – Back
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