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Don’t Discriminate Customer Support or Customer Experience!

Is there a point in mindlessly babbling about “Superior Customer Experiences” when brands don’t serve all segments of customers equally?

I do understand the concepts of customer segmentation, differential pricing and need for premium value for premier customers etc.

Products, Pricing, Promotion, Placements and other factors can be differentiated based on the value brands gain in return. But brands cannot show discrimination in service aspects like “Customer Support” and “Customer Experience”. This will only produce detrimental results while sustaining growth.

We witness “First time flyers” and “Economy class flyers” at Airports are made to wait in queues whereas “Frequent flyers” and “Business class flyers” are expedited through counters without wait time. This is understandable as it is a result of mutual value exchange.

But a Telecom service provider discriminating pre-paid and post-paid mobile subscribers by removing access to “Customer Tele-Support Executives” for the former category is something that needs to be better understood.

The pre-paid customers aren’t taking free rides from telecom companies. They pay for what they use and just don’t commit to pay fixed monthly charges.

Below are some questions that come to my mind.

Do these brands explicitly quote their “right to refuse service” before acquiring such differentiated customers?

Aren’t their flaunted customer experience programs capture these point of views and report back?

Are there not any regulatory boards that inspect these promises frequently to ensure compliance?

I am not sure, if this is the same case with B2C service providers in your regions as well. I am keen to learn from your experiences on similar service discrimination.

P.S. I am a Post-Paid Mobile Customer.

Piloting Your Digital Transformation with IBM DX on Cloud

Growth of businesses in future will depend on how early they adopt Digital Transformation today. How soon businesses become digital enterprises by empowering Line of Business Executives with easy-to-use, platforms without total reliance on IT resources and subsequent delays will determine their ability to crowd-source collective intelligence, innovate and adapt newer business models, reach to market faster.

With direct say and influence in deciding IT budgets for innovating within business functions, today LOBs have the key to secure competitive advantage for their organizations. LOBs can now look at cloud-based plug & play internal and customer facing business platforms that easily integrate with core enterprise automation systems to support business growth.

Be it On-Prem or Cloud or Managed services, LOBs have a variety of delivery models in swiftly automating business processes, integrating business functions and capture value for organizations.

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Use a Mobile-First strategy to receive unlimited benefits

Corporate communications and marketing have drastically evolved over time. The days of mail delivery by animals and person-to-person interaction gave way to billboards, telephones, and then email—which is now being overtaken by contextual, personalized web-based promotions. The next development push points to mobile-based marketing.

This evolution is primarily due to the rapid adoption of internet technologies. “Nearly half of the global population (7.2 billion currently) will be using the internet by the end of this year [2015]…and there will also be more than 7 billion Mobile Device Subscriptions” says a new report from The International Telecommunication Union. The usage of mobile devices by Millennials and Generation Y has triggered a digital disruption and business transformation across all industries. Additionally, devices are increasingly getting connected and consumers are demanding better digital customer experiences.

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